More Visibility = More Traffic = More Leads = More Conversion

Increase In Quality Traffic

With over billion searches performed on Google every day, the business/agency owners must make sure they are available at the first page of the SERP to garner as much traffic as possible so that their chances of converting to leads increases, so if you want to do the same then invest in SEO

We have achieved remarkable results for clients/agency through the ever-changing algorithm of Google, our SEO experts are always at the helm of our clients’ website to steer it into the direction of the first position of the SERP

We work on finding the most relevant and high traffic volume keywords that are most important to your business and set up an SEO strategy to build pages and start your journey on to the first page of Google

That Will Help You Always Stay On The Top of The SERP

Quality traffic that leads to a higher chance of a conversion

Getting to the top of the SERP is just the start of the uphill climb but staying on top is the daring task, Our SEO dedicated managers continuously monitor your agency rankings on Google and immediately spring into action as soon as they see a drop, in other words, you are never getting off the top.

We keep updating our clients content to provide more value to the target audience and constantly monitor their bounce rate, we also look into the latest technology in the industry to help them stay ahead of the competition and also stay on the top of the Google page.

Seo Consulting

We analyze, review your website search engine performance, optimize its content, improve your backlink structure and reduce your error codes to help you achieve better rankings on the SERPs.

Search Engine Optimization

Your visibility is our responsibility, getting pages to the first page and the first position of the SERPs is what we do best, so get onboard and let us take you to the first page of google.

Content Optimization

Search Engines have gotten smarter at understanding content and so have we, We optimize your content so that it becomes more relevant to your target audience, thus making it easy for your agency get you on top.

Data Analysis

"If you don't know where you are going, every road you take will you nowhere", we amend our actions through our results, we optimise our strategies for your agency by looking at the data we receiver from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

SEO Strategy

The key to good SEO is understanding your target audience, you don't need to rank everywhere for every search term, you need to be present at the right place at the most opportune time and no one can understand this better than us.

On-Page optimization

We help search engines understand your content easily and quickly with the latest in On-Page optimisation such as marking up your pages with vocabulary.

Our Tailor-Made SEO Strategy for Our Clients

SEO is not about getting on top every SERP page every time it is to do with showing on top of the relevant SERP whenever a potential client searches for your product/service.

We take a step further and we evaluate the specific market needs for our clients business and try to come up with suitable solutions that add value to our and help them retain and grow their organic traffic through SEO.

Knowing the target audiences’ needs is the first step in this process, we take the help of our research team in gathering the data that will help us formulate the problem and build a strong solution and then we realise these solutions in terms of mobile apps or web apps.

Our SEO Process at Percoyo Best SEO agency in Bangalore

Our SEO agency in Bangalore, process has been efficiently designed after all the learnings we had over the years helping our clients to reach the pinnacle of the first page, we first try to understand our clients’ business needs and then implement our SEO process.


Site Audit Report

We first begin analysing the content of your site and how has it been performing over the days from our various SEO tools and then draw a picture of your website in terms of its rankings, keyword opportunities, current backlinks and we also do a competitor analysis to help the client understand where they stand in currently in the market, like example understanding where you rank in Bangalore.

Optimising Content

After the site audit report is completed we come up with keyword strategies that client can rank well upon and we try to come up with a strategy to place these keywords accordingly on the website or come up with new pages that will help us increase the visibility to the clients.

Technical Optimisation

During the site audit we would have also jotted down code improvement opportunities in the website, we remove the unwanted CSS or minify the existing one, load the JS faster and structure code in a way that is easier for the crawler to understand.

Local SEO

We try to improve your local store visibility online by adding NAP to Google My Business (GMB) which helps our clients’ target audience to reach them easily and helps them to be listed on the local pack of SERP search results.

Structured Data Implementation

The structure data is a type of code that is used to make the crawler understand more clearly what the page is about apart from the meta and other mark up tags we use to markup the important aspects of the page.

Monthly Reporting

We send in a monthly report to our clients to keep them informed about how their site is improving on a month on month basis to help them reach their agency’s potential.

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