Our flexible three-stage framework to craft digital experiences

            Explore to find the right problems
       Build the brightest digital experiences

     Grow your digital products with purpose

How we make it work for you

     We tailor outcomes based on your challenge

   We shape our engagement based on your vision

        We listen for what you need

Engagements can take many shapes

We take a flexible approach with our Explore Build Grow framework, tailoring the emphasis of

each stage to the requirements of your particular project.

In some cases uncovering the problem to be solved will be the focus.

In others, the emphasis will be on building the digital experience.

For many of our long-term clients, the focus is on ongoing growth.

Let’s break down each stage


Identify the right problem

We take the time to understand the context so decisions can be made from a place of evidence rather than assumption.

You can expect to see outcomes such as:

  • Customer research
  • SEO strategy
  • Technical platform audit
  • Prototyping


Explore case


Build the brightest experiences

We bring together a select group of specialists from our team to suit your particular challenges so that your project has exactly the right resources at the right moments. 

Outcomes from the build phase may include:

  • Design systems
  • Web app development
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Hosting


Build case

How we used one design system to build three sites


Continually improve

Our deeply integrated Strategy, UX, Design and Technology teams will work closely together to ensure that your digital assets continue to evolve and deliver a return on your investment.  

The Grow phase may include:

  • Optimisation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Platform upgrades



How we keep growing a user base

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